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Here's the 2013 Payout!.

Hi Everyone
Welcome to the 2014 Nascar season.

Magman is in the top spot this week followed by T R Racing (Teddy)
I see you up there.

Here are the standings after the first 8 races. Harvick with the win gives him 2 wins now and puts him in the chase.

The next change is after the race on July 5th.

Please go to the standings page and make sure you can find your team. Let me know if you can't find it. I've posted the standings after the first 8 races.

Thanks and Good Luck.

Congratulations to Mini 34 the 2013 winner of the pool.

The 2014 sheet is out now!

Click on the 2014 sheet in blue just above this line to print out the sheet for this season

I hope you have fun with this pool, and that it adds to your enjoyment of the sport.
Thanks and Good Luck Roy aka nascarroy88

Great job and thanks to the guy's at Bumper to Bumper for being a pick up and drop off stop for people in get in the pool. Thanks to everyone else who works hard on growing the pool. You know who you are. If I thank you all by name this page would go on and on.
Good Luck everyone Roy

Nascar pool
Let the racing begin.

Here are my 2 teams for the 2014 season

Nascarroy # 1 J.Johnson, Kurt Busch, C.Edwards, M.Truex Jr, D.Hamlin, T.Stewart, B.Vickers, M.Waltrip, A.Dillon and Kyle Busch as my wild card pick
Change # 1 take out Kurt Busch put in J.Logano

Nascarroy # 2 M.Kenseth, J.Logano, B.Keslewoski, M.Truex Jr., D.Hamlin, T.Stewart, B.Vickers, T.Bayne, A.Dillon and Kyle Busch as my wild card pick
Change # 1 take out M.Kenseth put in J.Johnson

How many races do you watch on TV out of the 36 Races free polls 

I want to take time to thank the guys at Bumper to Bumper auto for all the help this year and for being a drop site for people to get in the pool from 2007 - 2013. If you need anything for your vehicle go check them out. Thanks Guys.