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Welcome to the 2016 Nascar season.
The second change period deadline has past so you're drivers are set for the rest of the season. Good Luck

The pool is now up to date thru the first 18 races. Please find you're team or teams and make sure everything is right. Make sure I have you're team name correct and let me know if I have anyone's team listed twice or not at all.

Matt Kenseth gets the win in N,H. this week.
I'm still working on making the changes from last week and I'll update the standings when they are done.

The 2016 Nascar sheets are out. Get yours HERE.

Thanks and Good Luck.

I hope you have fun with this pool, and that it adds to your enjoyment of the sport.
Thanks and Good Luck Roy aka nascarroy88

Great job and thanks to the guy's at Bumper to Bumper for being a pick up and drop off stop for people in get in the pool. Thanks to everyone else who works hard on growing the pool. You know who you are. If I thank you all by name this page would go on and on.
Good Luck everyone Roy

2015 Nascar Pay-Off
Here is what everyone has been looking forward to. Its the year end Pay-off. There are 376 sheets in this year of which 7 are FREE plays. I Play 2 sheets for free plus the 2 for 73rd and last place last year and 3 sheets to the guys at Bumper to Bumper Auto for being drop off spot. This means 369 sheets x $25.00 = $9225.00 is in the total pot to be payed out this year to the top 50 places. Besides the top 50 the person that comes in 73rd place and last place will play one sheet for free next season. Here is the breakdown.

1st Place $1600
2nd Place $1100
3rd Place $800
4th Place $650
5th Place $550
6th Place $450
7th Place $400
8th Place $350
9th Place $325
10th Place $250
11th Place $200
12th Place $190
13th Place $180
14th Place $170
15th Place $160
16th Place $150
17th Place $140
18th Place $130
19th Place $120
20th Place $110
21st Place $90
22nd Place $85
23rd Place $80
24th Place $75
25th Place $70
26th Place $65
27th Place $60
28th Place $55
29th Place $50
30th Place $45
31st Place $40
32nd Place $35
33rd Place $25
34th Place $25
35th Place $25
36th Place $25
37th Place $25
38th Place $25
39th Place $25
40th Place $25
41st Place $25
42nd Place $25
43rd Place $25
44th Place $25
45th Place $25
46th Place $25
47th Place $25
48th Place $25
49th Place $25
50th Place $25



Nascar pool
Let the racing begin.
Here are my changes for the second change
Nascarroy88 # 1 Bayne out T.Stewart in
Nascarroy88 # 2 Bayne out T.Stewart in

Here are my changes for the first change.
Nascarroy88 # 1 K.Larson to A.Dillon
Nascarroy88 # 2 K.Larson to A.Dillon

Here are my 2 teams for this season
Nascarroy # 1
Edwards, J.Johnson, Earnhardt jr, K. Larson, Allmendinger, T.Bayne, DiBenedetto, McDowell, C.Elliott and Kyle Busch as my wild card
Nascarroy # 2
Harvick, Keselowski, Kenseth, Larson, Allmendinger, Bayne, M.Annett, McDowell, C.Elliott and Joey Logano
Thanks and Good Luck


I want to take time to thank the guys at Bumper to Bumper auto for all the help this year and for being a drop site for people to get in the pool from 2007 - 2013. If you need anything for your vehicle go check them out. Thanks Guys.